Thursday, 17 November 2016

Our Auction for Hope not Hate in memory of Jo Cox. The Traditional blanket

"She met the world with love."
There cannot be a single soul who has not been shocked and horrified by the devastating attack and murder of MP Jo Cox. Truly awful, at times like this one struggles to find the words to make any sense, there just aren’t any. We feel desperately sorry for Jo’s children, DH, parents, family and friends, and are thinking of all who love and miss her. 
In one of the most beautiful and courageous pieces written her husband Brendan has said she would have wished now for their children to be bathed in love, this really resonates with what we hope Woolly Hugs is all about. We have made two beautiful blankets for Jo's children which will be delivered within the next week or so. Our original crafting page is here if you would like to see.
We wanted to do more and so decided to make a blanket for Auction in the run up to Christmas, and have chosen one of Jo’s charities to be our recipient. Brendan said it would have been Jo’s wish that we all unite to fight against the hatred that killed her, so we have chosen the charity called Hope not Hate.  It seems right.
The response to this project has been overwhelming, and all in such a positive outpouring of love way, truly humbling. We have made two wonderful blankets for Auction, and others which will go to other families going through incredibly difficult and challenging times both in the UK and in Kurdistan. We think she would have approved.  Thank you again for all these wonderful squares, and a big thank you too to lovely Jo E for constructing this for us, all just wonderful. xxxx

So down to the Auction!
This auction is for the blanket below in the Traditional colour way.
 It is beautifully made in Stylecraft Special DK, and has contributions from so many. It is absolutely gorgeous!  Very practical too, it can be machine washed and tumble dried.  It is super soft and very snuggly, a good single bed size, or perfect for a sofa.

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions to make sure your bid counts.

Our starting bid is £25



  1. Starting bid is £25.
    No bids before Saturday 3rd December at 6pm. The Auction finishes at 9pm on Saturday 10th December. Thank you! xx

  2. Evening! Thank you so much for the bids so far, it is currently with you lovely Jacqui F at £130 xxxx

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  4. Morninnnnnnnnnng!!!

    Thank you so much for the bids so far, it is currently with you lovely Jacqui F at £220! xxxx

  5. Thank you so much Scott, the bid is currently with you at £240!

    Please remember our Auction finishes tonight at 9pm GMT, so the last time a bid can be recorded is 8.59pm!

    Good luck, and THANK YOU x

  6. Congratulations Scott, yours is the winning bid of £240. This beauty is coming to you. Please could you email us on to arrange payment. Thank you so much. Xxx

  7. I emailed your group to make payment arrangements and it bounced back as undeliverable. Please advise. You may also email me at