Thursday, 17 November 2016

Auction Terms and Conditions. Please read before bidding!

* The Auction starts at 6pm on Saturday 3rd December. No bid will be accepted before this time.

* To make a bid simply post a comment with your name and your bid. You will find the comment box for each blanket underneath its photos.

* If posting ‘anonymously’ we ask you add a contact name in with your bid or we cannot accept that bid.
* Bids must be made in Sterling, or we will get in a right pickle.

* The Auction ends at 9pm on Saturday 10th December 2016, no bids will be accepted after this time!

* After an auction it may take us a few minutes to confirm winning bids.

* Please email us within 24 hours if yours is the confirmed winning bid at the close of the Auction - or we will go to the next highest bidder.

* You have 3 days in which to pay, or we will go to the next bidder!

* P&P within the UK is included in your bid.

* Once payment is received we will post the beautiful blankets to the winners.

* Ideally payment will be via Bank transfer, but we will happily talk about other ways to pay too.

We know we have our fabulous Band of International Blanketeers, and we are very happy to send the blanket overseas, however we will need to ask for a contribution of up to £5 towards posting if it goes out of the UK.

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